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We have the capability to run diagnostics and identify a problem

We can complete full rebuilds and testing of equipment of all sizes, and our shop routinely handles motors ranging from fractional up to 300 horsepower. We repair motors of all sizes and will come to you to complete the repairs the same day you call or within 24 hours. You can trust Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. to repair every electrical and mechanical component of your electric motor.

We have a reputation as a leading electric motor repair company

We’re proud to stand behind our service.  We’re known as problem-solvers, who troubleshoot to find the root cause of a problem and what made it start in the first place.  You can trust that when we repair a motor, the job is done right.

Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. is committed to quality and the highest standards for customer service. Along with providing superior products and services, we believe that our commitment to our customers has allowed us to remain in business for over six decades. We stand behind our workmanship to all customers and are proud to provide reliable service that our customers can depend on.

We’ve become the trusted electric motor repair company in the area, serving customers in La Porte County, St. Joseph County, Elkhart County, and Berrien County. From Crown Point, IN, to Elkhart, IN, and Carmel, IN, to Grand Rapids, MI, we are a leader in electric motor repair and can handle repairing a motor of any size.


Glycerin Traders

Glycerin Traders has worked with Enyart Electric since 2013 for all our electric motor repairs – from 1 HP motors up to 30 HP motors. They are also our “go-to-guy” for parts and repairs on all our myriad of pumps – diaphragm, centrifugal, gear, sliding vane and vacuum pumps – they have repaired them all. Because of their high-quality work, we even ship in our repairs from our Iowa and Ohio locations. Lastly, they built much needed pump skids with all-inclusive VFD’s, switches, motors and pumps to be used as a “plug-and-play” alternative on some of our unique systems. Our company would not be where we are at today without Enyart Electric as a valuable supplier and partner for our electric motor and pump needs.