Electric Motor Repair Services in Elkhart County, Indiana

Elkhart County, IN, has long been called the RV Capital of the World. With nearly 80% of all RV production worldwide happening here, it’s safe to say that Elkhart is also home to many motors, both in the RVs and the manufacturing plants that make them! Enyart Electric Motor Repair proudly serves these manufacturers, along with other businesses and customers throughout Elkhart County.

Elkhart County’s Electric Motor Needs

Elkhart County is home to Goshen College, Lerner Theatre and Wellfield Botanical Gardens. It is also a major industrial area, with many factories and businesses generating products here. Additionally, the ample farmlands and fields in the county enlist many tractors and other farm equipment. Enyart Electric Motor Repair has worked with customers from all of these industries to diagnose and correct their electric motor needs. We typically handle motors up to 300 horsepower, but we work on motors of all sizes. For more than six decades, we’ve been troubleshooting and fixing electric motors throughout Elkhart County and beyond.

Electric Motor Services

As a full-service motor repair shop, Enyart Electric can handle any job, including lathes, vertical mills, balancing, and turning and undercutting. From welding, bearing and boring plates to repairing cables and connections, Enyart does it all. Chose the services you need to get started:

Industrial motor repair: For industrial motors, we provide inspections and tests, stator and rotor rewinding, control retrofits and more.

Manufacturing and municipal: For hospitals, feed mills, gyms and municipal entities, we offer specialized motor repair. This includes repairing commercial pool pumps, lift station motors, grinder pumps and motors and more.

Stator/rotor motor repair: AC/DC motors, blowers and generators keep engines running. We can rebuild and recondition all parts of these motors.

Generators: Your generator is your business’s backup. Keep it running by scheduling your inspection and test. Then, trust Enyart Electric to rewind and extend the life of your generator.

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Trust the electric motor repair team that has served Elkhart County for more than 65 years. Contact us today. And if you have an emergency need, give us a call at 574-288-4731. Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies.