Goshen’s Preferred Electric Motor Repair Services

With a charming, historic downtown and community favorites like the Old Bag Factory, it’s no wonder residents love Goshen, Indiana. And industries are booming here, too. Goshen Hospital cares for thousands of patients each year, and the RV manufacturing industry attracts many workers to the area. In fact, the manufacturing industry stimulates the economy of the local community. With so many moving parts, the Goshen community trusts the team at Enyart Electric Repair Services to keep them moving with electric motor repairs.

Industrial Motor Repair in Goshen, Indiana

No matter your industrial motor needs, Enyart Electric has you covered. We repair industrial motors across all industries, including agriculture, aggregate and quarry, HVAC, pumping and more. Our industrial repair services include inspection and diagnostics, control retrofits and stator and rotor rewinding. But the best part for you is that the Enyart team gets to know you and your equipment personally so that we can service them accordingly. We take pride in repairing your industrial motor.

For manufacturers, including healthcare, wastewater treatment, municipalities and more, Enyart Electric Motor Repairs Inc. provides manufacturing repair services. We repair commercial pool pumps, air handles, booster pumps, lift stations and much more. Additionally, we service stators and rotors for all AC/DC motors and blowers. If you need your stator and rotor winded or require hydrogen seal repairs, Enyart has the team to do it! We also repair generators for commercial use and homeowners. If you’re hearing or smelling something off from your generator, it runs but isn’t producing electricity, leaks or uses excessive amounts of fuel, it’s time to contact Enyart Electric.

A Motor Repair Team You Can Trust

You put the time, money and resources into getting your business running. Whether you’ve got a generator for your medical office or a damaged stator or rotor in your HVAC system, your equipment and motors need to be performing at their best at all times. And we know how stressful and frustrating motor needs can be! Our team has proudly repaired motors throughout Indiana for nearly 7 decades. Check out the work we’ve been doing in your community.

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