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Mishawaka, Indiana is a beautiful community located in north-central Indiana. The city is situated on the St. Joseph River and is home to many enjoyable restaurants, charming downtown businesses, and plenty of activity and parks. Mishawaka’s greenspaces are second to none and make for a very enjoyable place to live, work, and play. When the residents and business owners of Mishawaka need motor repair assistance, Enyart Electric is who they go to. 

Electric Motor Expertise That You Can Rely On

Motor repair services are an important part of many industries. There are a few different types of motor repair services, including industrial motor repair, manufacturing and municipal, generators, and stator and motor repairs. Each type of service has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Industrial motors are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. They are used to power everything from large machinery to small tools. Industrial motors can be extremely complex, and require a high level of expertise to repair. Enyart can handle it. Manufacturing and municipal motor repair services are similar to industrial motor repair services, but are used in smaller applications such as street lights or traffic signals.

Generators are another type of motor that often requires repair service. Generators are used to produce electrical power for a variety of applications. Stator and rotor repairs are necessary to fix problems with the stator or the motor itself.

How Can Enyart’s Team Fix the Motors of Mishawaka

For over 65 years, Enyart’s team of motor repair technicians has been loyally serving the city of Mishawaka and its surrounding communities. We strive for excellence in the workplace, putting the highest level of quality and effort into each project. You can count on us to properly take care of your broken motor.

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Motors are used everyday in most people’s lives. That is why it is so important to make sure they function properly. The world depends on them to run as they are made to so that we can go about life normally. But, motors are pieces of equipment, and equipment breaks. That’s what Enyart Electric Motor Repair is here for. 

Our emergency service number is monitored around the clock because we get that life goes on outside of the work day and accidents happen.

For emergencies, call us at (574) 288-4731. To contact us during the day, fill out our online contact form. Stop by our office at 1313 Prairie Ave, South Bend, IN 46613.