Indiana’s Motor Repair Experts in St. Joseph County

St. Joseph County, Indiana, is one of the top 5 most populous counties in the state. Why do residents love it here, just southwest of Lake Michigan? St. Joe is home to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Studebaker National Museum, Morris Performing Arts Center, and more. The Potawatomi Zoo and Potato Creek State Park provide opportunities to explore the wild. And with a rich history of production and car manufacturing, St. Joe County knows the importance of a functional motor. That’s why they trust Enyart Electric Motor Repair.

Motor Repair Services

Enyart Electric offers comprehensive motor repair services to residents and business owners throughout St. Joseph County, Indiana. Using the best and most trusted motor diagnostics equipment, our team quickly and accurately assesses your needs. We repair industrial motors, manufacturing and municipal motors, stators and rotors, and generators. Whether you have an alternating current and direct current motor, induction motor, or explosion-proof motor need, we have your back. Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency services, because life needs to keep moving at all hours of the day.

Experts Trusted for More Than 65 Years

More than 6 decades of experience stand behind the team at Enyart Electric. Our team is filled with professional, highly trained experts. And all of our staff members are friendly, professional, and understand your needs. After all, we aren’t just fixing your motor – we’re repairing the tools you need to run your business, life, and world.

Contact Us Today

Conveniently located in the heart of South Bend, Enyart Electric is proud to serve the residents of St. Joseph County, Indiana, and many other counties in the area. Our professional and highly skilled team is ready to repair your motors. Contact us today, or call us for an emergency repair at (574) 288-4731