Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. is a full-service motor repair shop capable of handling nearly any job, from lathes, vertical mills, balancing, and turning and undercutting.  We also handle welding, and we can teardown, strip, clean, and bake any motor.  We handle rewiring, brazing connections, leads, stators, armatures, and coils.  Our shop also includes fully capable testing equipment, including a AC/DC test-run panel.

We can handle all DC motor repairs, including teardown and assembly.  We do journal and housing repairs as well, and we will weld, bore, and wear plates.  We repair all cable and connections, brush holder repairs, and bearing changes.


Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. provides comprehensive electric industrial motor repair services, regardless of manufacture of origin.  For over 65 years, we’ve been providing inspections and testing to determine the current state of your motor, stator and field rewinding to improve the life and reliability of your system, control retrofits to improve capability and increase reliability while reducing maintenance costs.  We can offer repair solutions, regardless of brand, and find options that work for any budget.

24/7 Service

Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. is ready 24/7.  We’re available at all hours to diagnose and repair whatever is ailing your electric motor.  For more than six decades, we’ve been committed to round-the-clock service and exceptional workmanship.  If you need motor repair, contact us today.

B2B, Manufacturing & Municipality Services

Enyart Electric Motor Repair is the area’s trusted industrial motor repair company. We provide reliable vibration analysis to keep motors from burning out, sell explosion-proof motors for places like hospitals and feed mills, and service local municipal entities, including YMCA’s, gyms, country clubs, and hospitals with a variety of offerings:

  • Commercial Pool Pump Repair 
  • Air Handler Repair
  • Booster Pump Motor Repair 
  • Lift Station Motor Repair
  • Grinder Pump & Motor Repair
  • Vibration Analysis 

Stator/Rotor Motors

We can rebuild and recondition any stator or rotor, and we provide quality service to the manufacturing industry.  We provide rebuilt equipment that meets manufacturer specifications and is thoroughly tested.  This includes service on AC/DC motors, blowers, and generators.

Pump Repair

We repair pumps of all kinds, including vertical, hollow-shaft pump motors; sewage pumps; and standard volute-style pumps.



For decades, Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. has provided service to generators, regardless of manufacturer.  We can inspect and test your system to provide an assessment of your generator’s condition, complete stator and field rewinding to extend the life of your generator, and control retrofits to improve the capability and reliability of your generator.  When it comes to repair, we offer solutions that can improve the life of your system and work within your budget.