Pump Repair

Enyart Electric is proud to provide reliable pump repair services for a variety of pumps. From full rebuilds, including seals, bearings, machine fits and gaskets, to machining and impeller trimming, the professionals at Enyart Electric are available to repair your pumps and get you back to work. 

Enyart Electric works on the following pump types:

  • Centrifugal
  • Lobe/Sanitary
  • Self-Priming Centrifugal
  • Horizontal Split Case
  • Air Operated
  • Progressing Cavity
  • Submersible
  • Multi-Stage
  • Magnetically Driven
  • Vertical

Pump Repair Services Offered

At Enyart, we handle pump repair services of all kinds and severities. Sometimes, a simple tweak can be made to restore a faulty pump. Other times, the entire thing needs to be rebuilt or replaced. We do it all! That might include impeller trimming that accommodates pump sizing, full rebuilds, limited testing based on the pump function and machining to repair worn out pump components.

What Causes Pumps To Wear Out

Mechanical seal leakage: Usually mechanical seal leakages occur at the interface between two seal faces, but sometimes they can come from a secondary area. There are several kinds of incidents that would lead to a mechanical seal leak, but more times than not it would involve dry running, thermal distortion or the misalignment of seal rings.

Process issues: A process issue is the result of the wrong type of pump being picked for the job it was meant to do. A poorly chosen pump could be running under unintended circumstances like the wrong industrial application, process or operating conditions. Selecting the right pump for your purpose is very important.

Bearing issues: 80% of the time, a bearing issue comes from improper lubrication which leads to overheating. Other causes of a bearing issue may be overload, fatigue and improper bearing selection.

Impeller wear and tear: Impellers wear out naturally over time but an increased rate of wear and tear can come from erosion or an wrongly sized pump. Both are common, and improperly sized pumps specifically can create an imbalance of pressure.

Bring Your Pump to Enyart Today

At Enyart Electric, we have committed to producing excellence in all areas of service. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our team of friendly professionals would be happy to take a look at your pump issue. We can help you resolve all kinds of problems involving your pump. We’re here to help! Call us to discuss your repair at (574) 288-4731.