Stator/Rotor Motor Repair

Electric motors keep the world moving. And a big component of the electric motor is the stator and rotor. If your stator or rotor is broken, you need a team that understands every part of a motor to fix it properly, quickly and safely. The professionals at Enyart Electric Motor Repair Inc. are your team.

For more than six decades, the Enyart team has repaired motors of all sizes, for all purposes, in all instances. We’re available 24/7 for emergency repair. Our professionals are highly trained and friendly. And we’re known for providing the fastest and most reputable motor repair services around.

Why You May Need Stator and Rotor Repair

AC/DC motors, blowers and generators all have stators and rotors in their motors. The stator is a hollow cylinder that stays still and is made up of three main parts: the stator frame, core and winding. The rotor, made of the rotor winding and core, sits inside of the stator and rotates. The stator generates the rotating magnetic field, which keeps the rotor moving.  


Because of the nature of motors and moving parts, there are many reasons your stator or rotor may need to be repaired or rebuilt, including:

  • Routine wear and tear from use.
  • Contamination from motor liquids, exposure to other substances and more.
  • High temperatures that degrade parts.
  • Ineffective insulation from use.

Stator and Rotor Services We Offer

You buy the best equipment available. And that equipment – whether it’s a generator, blower, AC/DC or electric motor – has been put to the test. When it needs to be repaired or reconditioned, Enyart Electric Motor Repair matches the industry standards that you trusted when purchasing your equipment. The rebuilt and reconditioned equipment we’ll return to you meets manufacturer standards, and we thoroughly test all rotors and stators to ensure their effectiveness. Our services include:

  • Inspection and testing of motors, including rotors and stators, to determine issues and find solutions.
  • Stator and rotor rewinding to improve the lifetime and reliability of systems.
  • Insulation inspection and repairs for stators.
  • Collector ring and hydrogen seal repairs and replacement for rotors.
  • Many more!

Fixing Stators and Rotors for Businesses Like Yours

Many businesses use electric motors that have stators and rotors. We’ve helped businesses across all types of industries and specialties, including:

  • Agriculture.
  • Food manufacturing facilities.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • HVAC (for commercial and residential).
  • Wastewater facilities.


Contact Enyart Electric For Your Stator and Rotor Repair Needs

With more than 65 years of dedicated motor repair services, we’re the trusted experts in La Porte, Berrien, St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties.